Design & Planning

Here at Hydes we offer a complete design package for any project in your home. Please see below how we can help you visualise your dream kitchen or any fitted furniture for your home.

Stage One – Visit our workshop & showroom –

You can visit our showroom by appointment.Getting to meet you in person is an important process to begin in finding out what style and look you are after. We can show you our ranges of kitchens and it gives you a chance to see are craftsmanship and styles we can provide. We also know that in this day and age people can be very busy to, so  you may prefer us to come straight to you for a design consultation so this can also be arranged.

Stage 2 – Kitchen Consultation at your home – 

You may already have plans of your kitchen and simply would like a quotation to give you an idea of costings. We can do this no problem. This is a free of charge service.

If you are at a stage where you need help in a kitchen design then this is where we excel.  We would initially book a convenient time to come to your home. This is where we can really get to see your property and get a feel of what you are after. We can take all necessary measurements, talk about your kitchen design , appliances and worktops. This is where you have your chance to give us as much information possible in what you require in your design.

Stage 3 – Your personal kitchen design –

Now that we have gathered all the information we need we can now design your dream kitchen. We have a state of the art design package where you get to see your kitchen design like we have taken a photograph of it before its even been made. You get to see all front , side and plan elevations of your kitchen. You will not be dissapointed !! we want you to know we have taken time and alot of thought in your design. Every kitchen is unique and is individual to each client. We are a bespoke company so we can manufacture any size or style. Our designs are really helpful for you to visualise exactly what we will make you.

Kitchen Consultation Kitchen Consultation

Stage 4 – Home visit with your designs –

We can now show you your designs in the comfort of your own home. We bring a large tv screen where we can all sit down and take a good look at your designs we have done for you. We can go through every detail , such as worktops , appliances, door/drawers and colours. At this stage we can still make any alterations if you require on your design. We want you to be 100% happy that is our aim.

Once you are happy with your design we then email you all of your pictures with the detailed quote. These are yours to keep. We do charge for the Home Survey package which is £150 but if you choose Hydes for your kitchen project then this is refunded back to You.

Personal Design Home Visit

Stage 5 – Production Begins –

Once you have agreed on all the designs we can then start making your kitchen. Depending on the size of you kitchen production time can vary from 6 – 12 weeks. Once we have agreed a date with yourselves for installation we are very committed and reliable on keeping that date. But we live in the real world and know that some customers have building works etc which can go overtime but we will always do are best to work with you if this arises.





Stage 6 – Installation of your Kitchen –

The installation of kitchens can be a very inconvenient time for customers. You can be with out a kitchen for around 2 – 4 weeks again depending on the size and style of your kitchen. Here at Hydes we try and make this as stress free from start to finish as possible. We are very clean, tidy and professional. We do all of our own installing in house so have no outside contractors involved. An average size kitchen takes about a week to install. If you are having a Granite, Quartz or other materials that need to me machined and manufactured then you need to allow another two weeks for this. On average form start to finish your kitchen will take 2 – 4 weeks. We will always have this discussion personally with each customer so you know how long installation on your kitchen will be.


Stage 7 – Kitchen Completed –

Once we have finished your kitchen we want to make sure you are totally happy with the end result. We carefully walk around the kitchen with yourselves to make sure you are satisfied with our craftsmanship. We know from time to time accidents and damages can occur in your kitchen so we are here for any touch ups or repairs in the future. We are a bespoke company and have been trading for over 20 years and pride ourselves on a committed service.

Kitchen Completed1 Kitchen Completed2 Kitchen Completed3