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Functional/Necessary Cookies

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Session Cookie

  • bongo_session stores a randomly generated string of characters for 10 hours
  • XSRF-TOKEN stores a randomly generated string of characters that improves the security of the site, this is automatically removed after 10 hours

Required as part of ASP.NET which runs this website to anonymously keep your session active. Deleted when you close your browser.

Cookie Preferences

  • bcc_accepted - used to indicate that preferences are saved, stopping the window from showing on each visit
  • bcc_communication - saves your preferences for communication cookies
  • bcc_marketing - saves your preferences for communication cookies
  • bcc_statistics - saves your preferences for statistical cookies

Saves your cookie consent preferences and prevents cookie disclaimer from displaying every time a page is visited. This cookie lasts 1 year.

Statistical Cookies

If enabled, these cookies allow us to evaluate the performance of our website through anonymous data on what pages are viewed.

Google Analytics



Used to anonymously track pages that are viewed and measure what actions are taken, for example pages that are visited and how many times forms are completed.