A Bedroom with Timeless Appeal

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

We recently completed this bedroom project for a client who wanted to make best use of the space available. As you can see, the room has a sloping ceiling, so we had to carefully consider the style and size of the furniture when drawing up the design. 

The client chose a grained shaker door in the colour cashmere and we installed single and double rails in the wardrobe to allow for the hanging of both short and longer items of clothing.

The large dressing table and freestanding chest of drawers harmonised beautifully with the made-to-measure, 5-door wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe, we fitted an additional set of pull-out drawers to ensure that this bedroom was certainly not lacking storage options.

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Traditional Bedroom Design
Bespoke Wardrobe Norfolk
Handmade Wood Bedroom Furniture

Bedside Tables

When it came to designing the bedside tables, the client requested a slightly lower size than we would traditionally make, to enable a comfortable reach of that freshly brewed, morning cup of coffee! It is nice-to-haves such as this that make a handmade bedroom the best solution for many homeowners. 

 To finish, the client chose Oxford bronze knobs and handles which, as we’re sure you will agree, perfectly complemented the cashmere doors.

Why Go Bespoke?

The client was thrilled with their new bedroom and thanks to the timeless design, can look forward to enjoying this wonderful space for many years to come. By opting for a bespoke design, you can ensure that your bedroom meets all of your individual needs and more. 

No matter the size or shape of your bedroom, we can incorporate many unique features to make the time you spend in this private room, comfortable and relaxing.

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